Close Protection & VIP Bodyguard Services

Professional, trained  and discreet, our staff offer specialist close protection

Close protection operatives, or bodyguards as they are better known, are used by people who feel they need a high level of protection.

Commonly used by those in the public eye, there is still a need for them in other areas. High profile professionals and companies often require specialist protection due to the nature of their business.

Close Protecion and Bodyguarding Services

We provide full cover to any specification you desire along with a full detailed list of measures, preventions and recommendations for you to implement to help protect you.

We have worked for a number of high profile companies including the BBC, undertaking personal appearances, movie premieres and residential security.

Full discretion and privacy is ensured on any job undertaken.

For more information on costs and services provided please contact us, as every situation will differ.

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